Would your child know what to do if he or she got lost in the wilderness — or even in an unfamiliar urban location? MARK-9 can help! Every year our team presents Sit & Stay seminars for children ages three and older. Sit & Stays teach safe lost behavior for children and be-prepared strategies for adults prior to camping or other wilderness vacations.

Last year, MARK-9 Search and Rescue reached 3,076 children through local Sit & Stay presentations. This year, we can reach your child, too. Visit this site frequently to locate upcoming Sit & Stay events.

MARK-9 leads other adult-education classes and participates in community safety fairs. We offer short courses on lost procedure for children, understanding the Alzheimer's walkaway for family members and caregivers, how SAR teams serve the community, and how these marvelous dogs do what they do. If you are interested in having the team present to your community, school, or church group, contact us.

We're a nonprofit, all-volunteer Search and Rescue (SAR) organization based in Dallas, Texas. When contacted by law enforcement agencies, we deploy our teams of dogs, handlers, and support personnel to assist in search efforts for lost or missing individuals and victims of disaster.

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MARK-9 is proud to announce that we have been designated a part of Dallas Fire-Rescue's Collapse Rescue Response Team. MARK-9 will provide the canine search resources for this light response collapse building team. We're honored and excited to be a working part of this association.

To find out more about who we are and what we do, explore here!

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MARK-9 gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support provided by these corporate sponsors:

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And a special thank-you to Glenn Miller and MedProtect, Inc.

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SAR teams work hard and play hard, too. For a photo gallery of MARK-9 team training, public appearances, and the happy companionship of dogs, off-duty, click here. With respect and compassion for the families and communities we serve, we do not include photographs from actual searches here.