“A dog is like a person—he needs a job and a family to be what he’s meant to be.”     -- Andrew Vachss

MARK9 Search and Rescue provides free services to Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, Parks and Wildlife and other official agencies of any size that require the use of highly skilled K9s and handlers to locate missing people.  The team motto is "Always ready, Ever able" so the team is available 24/7/365.

The team trains for 5 types of searches: Urban, Wilderness, Disaster, Water and Human Remains Detection (cadaver).  We do this by seeking out training locations all over the Dallas/Forth Worth Metroplex and the surrounding counties and placing our handlers and their K-9s in as close to real situations as training will allow.
All MARK9 dogs are certified to standards that exceed AWDA and FEMA requirements. Our standards have been accepted and /or incorporated into many other teams both domestically and internationally. These standards are available upon request by an official agency.

Specifically, Some of MARK9 dogs are trained in general search and scent specific search. What does that mean exactly? Each K9 can find all  persons in an area or they can find a specific person in a crowd of persons. On a search, time is important and given an article belonging to the victim, the dog will ignore all persons except for the one that the scent article belongs to. Why find every person in an area when you can focus on just the missing person for whom you are searching?

Some of our canines are trained to find both live and deceased victims. There are some canine team philosophies that believe that you need dogs trained to find only live or only deceased. Why do we train ours to do both? Because when you start a search you are never sure of the outcome. Why start a search with the wrong dog? Or why start a search and have to stop and change dogs? So we hope for the best and train for the worst outcome. 

All team members receive over 200 hours of extensive classroom training on various search related topics from K9 handling, first aid, courtroom testimony, crime scene preservation, rope rescue, building construction and many other topics. Some teams believe that dog teams, both handlers and FAS team members, are only dog teams. MARK9 believes that each member of the team can contribute to the search event even after the dogs have done their job. Our team members are trained to be assets to your organization with or without the dog. 

The team can operate under your control or we can manage the search for you. That is your agency's decision. We have our own self contained and staffed command post and are ready to respond at any time

Whatever you decide, whatever the search type, wherever the search setting, whatever the time, MARK9 K-9 teams are the right teams for your situation.


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MARK9 is a free asset, available to all agencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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