Sponsor a Dog

Becoming involved with the dogs in this manner is exciting as well as rewarding — and you'll know you're partially underwriting an important player in the safety of your community.

For a minimum contribution of $150.00, individuals or corporate groups can sponsor one of the MARK9 search dogs. Your funds may contribute to that dog's training, presentation, or equipment needs.

As our thank you, this sponsorship is acknowledged on the dog's trading card, on print material distributed by the team at our presentations, and on the MARK9 website. We are grateful for the "angels" behind our dogs!

What are these "trading cards"?

MARK9 participates in many community events, as well as educational programs in our area schools. During these public appearances we hand out trading cards of our dogs.

In appearance, these cards are much like baseball cards. The dog's picture is on the front, and the back contains a short biography about that dog. The cards are popular with children and give them a sense of connection and pride when they have pictures of the dogs who taught them Sit & Stay.

Some children choose to use these cards for classroom presentations; others keep and collect them more personally. Sponsor information is below the dog's biography on the back of the card and, of course, on the website and other print materials the team distributes.

If you would like more information on sponsoring one of the MARK9 dogs, please contact us using the form on the Contact page.