See MARK9 in action!

Please enjoy the pictures and videos of the MARK9 team in action!

A former member of MARK9
K9 Kao finishing a training run
K9 Gypsy completing a trail

K9 Stella on a water search



MARK9 Team Boat

The team headed to a water search

K9 Madchen hanging out at home

K9 Kao with not one, but two tug toys

K9 Stella taking a dip

K9 Raine getting decontaimnated after a Diaster Search

K9 Faith checking an area

K9 Lylah relaxing

Team Briefing with the Texas State Guard

Joint training with Lone Star SAR

K9 Stella stretching out her lungs

Planning training at the Command Post

K9 Bently finishing a trail

K9 Stella trying on her booties

K9 Kao playing tug

K9 Gypsy leading the way

K9 Chloe on a trail

K9 Hope checking a brush pile

K9 Gypsy on rubble

K9 Faith on a hasty search

K9 Kao checking the area

Team Raine on a water search

K9 Raine hanging out on the obstacle course

K9 Kao waiting to start a search

Team Faith saying "HI" to the camera

K9 Kao posing for the camera

Team Gypsy preparing for a swim

K9 Madchen saying hello


MARK9 Search and Rescue (SAR) provides FREE services to Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, Parks and Wildlife and other official agencies of any size that require the use of highly skilled K9s and handlers to locate missing people.  The team motto is "Always Ready, Ever Able" so the team is available 24/7/365.


MARK9 Search and Rescue
P.O. Box 852495
Mesquite, Texas 75185

Emergency Contact: 972-286-8426



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Mark9 search and rescue

Always Ready, Ever able

Emergency CONTACT


K9 Kao waiting to start a search