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How We Operate

MARK9 goes into action after receiving a call for SAR assistance. Due to important legal parameters attendant with the search process, we cannot accept this type of call from the general public, however the following may contact MARK9 for SAR services:

  • Fire Departments

  • Law Enforcement

  • Government Agencies

  • Recognized search agency with clearance from the law enforcement agency or fire department in charge of the search

Upon receipt of a request for assistance, the unit can be organized and ready to begin response within 20 minutes. Arrival time of the first dog and handler team on the scene will depend on the location of the incident.

We will, of course, respond whenever you call. However, the best results are achieved when we are notified early, because the victim hasn't traveled as far. In addition, an early call means weather, civilians, and time have not degraded the search scene.

Because we are a volunteer organization, we do not normally respond to calls that request us to search for a suspected criminal or fugitive.

The team can operate under your control or we can manage the search for you. That is your agency's decision. We have our own self contained and staffed command post and are ready to respond at any time 24/7/365.

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