Educational Classes

MARK9 offers Educational Classes for various age groups to inform the public about our services.  The educational classes start for kids as young as 5 up to teenagers and adults.

An example Educational Class is Sit & Stays for children age 5 to 12 years old.


Sit & Stays teaches a child what to do if lost in the woods. It covers a variety of techniques designed to protect a lost child and help searchers locate the child more easily.

Sit & Stay is entertaining as well as informative. The teaching techniques help to alleviate children's fears about being lost and gives them concrete tips on what to do.

As a part of this program, children get to meet the dogs of MARK9, as well as get a brief class on bite prevention.

Here are the five main program points covered in Sit & Stay:

  1. Sit & Stay — find a spot and wait for help

  2. Somebody will come — searchers will be looking for you

  3. Make yourself big — this will help you be seen by ground and air searchers

  4. Make yourself loud — this will help you be heard by those who are looking for you

  5. Recognize the good guys — it's important to be able to recognize the searchers and know how to respond to them.

Contact Us to schedule an Educational Class for kids or adults.


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