The People

Each of MARK9's members are dedicated to providing Search and Rescue services to those in need.  MARK9 has provided Search and Rescue services in the aftermath of Fires, Floods, Tornados, Hurricanes, and the Space Shuttle Challanger Disaster.  The team has operated in Large Cities, Woods, Landfills, Suburbs, Deserts, Rivers, and Lakes.  MARK9 has two types of team members that deploy into the field during searches: K9 Handlers and Field Assistance & Support.

K9 Handlers

Canine handlers spend numerous hours every week training with their K9 companion.  Handlers must be proficient in various areas of Search and Rescue techniques from Lost Person Behavior to Crime Scene Preservation to Wind Patterns to name a few.  Additionally, they must be able to read and support their K9 partner as he/she works.  The training is rigorous and mentally demanding.  Handlers must be in good physical condition as well as able to read maps, utilize GPS systems, perform briefing/debriefings, coordinate with team members, and provide basic canine and human First Aid as needed.  In addition, handlers must be knowledgeable in NIMS and ICS systems.

Field Assistance and Support 

Field Assistance & Support Team (FAS Team or Flankers) members must be proficient in various areas of Search and Rescue.  They must be skilled in radio communications, map reading and compass techniques, land navigation, GPS systems, tracking, note taking, and able to provide basic human First Aid as needed.  In addition, flankers must be knowledgeable in NIMS and ICS systems.

No matter the environment, weather, time of day, or search scenario MARK9 is Always Ready, Ever Able


MARK9 Search and Rescue (SAR) provides FREE services to Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, Parks and Wildlife and other official agencies of any size that require the use of highly skilled K9s and handlers to locate missing people.  The team motto is "Always Ready, Ever Able" so the team is available 24/7/365.


MARK9 Search and Rescue
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Emergency Contact: 972-286-8426


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Mark9 search and rescue

Always Ready, Ever able

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