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Want to be a K9 Handler?

K9 Handlers are at the heart of MARK9's SAR operations.  Each K9 team undergoes over a year of weekly training prior to becoming mission ready.  In addition to weekly team training, K9 handlers are expected to train their partners multiple times throughout the week to ensure proficiency of the K9 team.

Each K9 team is required to pass a team certification in order to be deemed mission-ready.  Once the K9 team is deemed mission-ready, they are then deployable for all searches for which they are certified. 

  • What are the minumum requirements to join MARK9?
    You must be at least 18 years of age, and be able to pass a criminal background check.
  • Can I join MARK9 without a dog?
    Yes! There is no requirment to be a K9 Handler in order to join MARK9. There are plenty of positions other than K9 Handler that MARK9 is in need of volunteers to fill.
  • How much does it costs to join MARK9?
    MARK9 currently has a membership costs of $60 per quarter. While considering costs, it's important to consider the other cost that you will incur when joining a Search and Rescue team. An example, but not comphrensive list is below. Typically you can expect to spend $1,000 to $2,000 during your first year of membership with the team. If you decide to purchase a Field Trial/Working line puppy for SAR, you can expect to spend $1,000 to $3,000 when purchasing from a reputable breeder. Gas for Automobile Uniform GPS Dog Dog Transportation Gear Dog Toy/Rewards Dog Insurance Dog Vest Helmet Flashlights Compass HikingBoots
  • Will I become famous and be on the local/national news?
    SAR work is not about noteriety, it's about service. Most of the searches that we particpate in are never covered by an news agency at either the national or local level. MARK9s job is to assist law enforcement, so once a find is made we exit the scene as soon as possible to allow them to do their job. Our "recognition" is in knowing that we have faithfully executed our service to the community in which we are operating.
  • When does MARK9 conduct training and searches?
    Searches can happen anytime of the day and they are impossible to predict. MARK9 has conducted searches during normal business hours, holidays, weekends, late at night, and early in the morning. Although some searches are scheduled ahead of time, the majority of our searches are unplanned and require an immediate response from team members. MARK9 doesnt have any "off days" and we are prepared to respond to law enforcment 24/7. "Always Ready, Ever Able" Team trainings are generally held on Friday evenings or Sunday mornings/afternoons.
  • Where does MARK9 conduct training and searches?
    All over the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. Occasionally we will conduct searches outside of DFW at the request of law enforcement.
  • Do I need to be physically fit to join MARK9?
    The only positions that need to meet physical fitness requirements are K9 Handlers and Flankers. Many of our searches are through thick woods, in deep creeks, overy hilly terrain, etc. Handlers and Flankers must also be able to operate during the heat of summer, cold of winter, and in rain and storms. Due to the nature of our searches a physical fitness test will be administered to ensure you are capable of particpating in our searches. All positions outside of Handlers and Flankers are not subject to physcial fitness requirements.
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